Welcome to the Specialbau Ltd!

Specialbau Ltd designs and builds glass melting furnaces and manufactures and assembles steel constructions in Hungary and abroad, as well.

All Hungarian glass factories and several foreign companies are amongst our partners, like BABCOCK Sonderbau GmbH, STILL OTTO Montage GmbH, THYSSEN AG, GE Hungary Kft (GE Lighting TUNGSRAM RT.), ALVER S.P.A., NOVER S.P.A., CARBOTECHNICA, THERMICOKE, INTERPROJEKT G.m.b.H., REA G.m.b.H., NIKOLAUS SORG & Co. G.m.b.h., etc.). See References.

We are ready to teach the labors in new factories and provide the experts starting the producing. (Assitance Technique).

“Hereby I would like to introduce ourselves. By presenting our activities, I'm aiming to maintain and strengthen the partnership with our present customers and would like to provide ample information to our future partners. I'm convinced about the fact that Specialbau Ltd is a reliable partner and the listed references serve as a guarantee for satisfying every order received from you.”

Imre Laska, managing director